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Zero Waste Living is impossible

Even after transitioning almost all of my traditional household products to zero waste alternatives AND committing to shopping primarily secondhand AND learning how to grow my own food AND thinking about how to be a more conscious consumer 24/7, trash still happens.

Here’s Every Resource Inside Our New Course, Road to Zero Waste!

At the end of each module in our new course, Road to Zero Waste, we share a handful of additional resources to support your learning. We’ve compiled them in one place for easy access.

A Look Inside Kamikatsu, Japan’s Zero Waste City

Could you imagine living in a zero waste city? The small town of Kamikatsu is a place where the people manage to divert essentially all of their waste from the landfill.

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Four Common Misconceptions about Zero Waste

When I first stumbled across the zero waste movement, I was stunned. I was introduced to the concept via a viral video of a woman who could fit all of her trash into a sixteen-ounce mason jar...

Understanding the shame around sustainability

Whenever I encounter someone new and share about the work that I do, I’m usually met with one of two reactions: 1) appreciation or 2) curiosity. I tell them I want to build a zero waste world, that I think about trash all day, and that every facet of sustainability is interconnected...

3 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Workplace Trash

According to a study by Great Forest, 77% of a business’s trash isn’t trash at all. We send valuable organic matter, paper, glass, metal, and more to the landfill when those materials could go to much better use...


A Conversation with a Sustainable Fashion Brand: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable fashion brand based in Seattle. We got to learn more about their environmentally and socially responsible initiatives including their new closed loop manufacturing program, Girlfriend, in this interview...

A Conversation with a Skincare Kitchen: Blendily

Blendily is a skincare kitchen based in Portland, Oregon. We got to chat with founder, Ivy Chuang, who was motivated to create Blendily by her daughter’s birth...

A Conversation with Local and Organic Ice Cream Shop: Sweet Alchemy

Lois Ko is the owner of Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery which has two locations in Ballard and the U District in Seattle. in our conversation, she shares her journey from being an ice cream scooper to an organic ice cream shop owner, how she’s managed to reduce waste in her business, and her advice for other business owners...