Zero Waste Recipes on Closed Loop Cooking

By Moji Igun

It’s back and better than ever!

At the intersection of storytelling, sustainability, and food, Closed-Loop Cooking has re-launched their online platform.

Hawnuh Lee, founder of Closed Loop Cooking, and her team of contributors are on a mission to lower the barrier to entry to sustainable living to make it more accessible and inclusive. Now, they have a new format and fresh content with zero waste recipes.

clc front page

Closed Loop Cooking is your new go-to resource for low-waste, plant-based cooking and food storage. You’ll find beautifully-made tutorial videos, creative recipes, stories, guides, tips, and tricks.

Not sure what to do so with those pesky carrot tops? They have a recipe that shows you how to make a side dish using the whole darn plant.


Have kids (or nostalgic adults) in your life who are less than enthusiastic about eating fruits? Try this recipe for a fabulous fruit leather.


You can also find conversations about low-waste living with people like Celia Ristow of LitterlessAmanda McLemore of Baguette and Butter, and yours truly (I share my favorite recipe for shiitake mushroom risotto)!

The Closed Loop Cooking platform has re-inspired my love for being creative in the kitchen and I’m particularly curious to try this recipe for applesauce that cleverly uses zucchini tops. There’s so much to explore no matter what your experience level in the kitchen is!


Lastly, a shameless plug/exciting announcement… starting this fall, I’ll be contributing a piece to Closed Loop Cooking once every quarter. Stay tuned for that and more exciting content from Closed Loop Cooking.

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