Founder & CEO

Compassionate &
Creative Strategist

Moji Igun founded Blue Daisi Consulting to
make it easier for small businesses to practice
the world they want to see on a small scale.
She combines her professional experiences in
engineering, education, and business operations
with the deep knowledge she’s
gained from her personal sustainability
journey to help her clients push past the
frustration and overwhelm of getting started.
Realizing that many of those frustrations are
caused by systemic issues, Moji ensures her
clients understand the bigger picture of
sustainability. While your potential for impact
might seem small at first, you are setting the
stage for a significant shift in our culture.
Her experience makes her a compassionate and
creative strategist who is continually learning.

Certified Zero Waste Advisor

with expertise on the TRUE Rating System.
Let’s use this proven framework to make
sustainability a central element of
how you operate. 

CertiFIED in Sustainable Business

through the University of Washington Tacoma.
We can tackle business challenges with a
sustainability mindset. 

Board of Directors for
Zero Waste Washington

a leader in the state’s zero waste movement
which drives “policy change for a healthy and
waste-free world.”


from the University of Michigan with a concentration
in Sustainable Engineering and International
Minor for Engineers. We love using systemic thinking to solve problems.

Member of Re+ Community Panel

a King County Solid Waste Division program
“dedicated to reducing the impact of climate
change by preventing and reducing waste.”

Hire Moji to inspire
a zero waste mindset

Workshops, trainings, and keynote addresses
for your workplace or community

WHether you’re interested in zero
waste coaching, consulting, or
SPEAKING I’d love to meet you and
hear more about your business!